Advanced College Offers a Degree from a U.S. College to Students Anywhere on Earth

LOS ANGELES, April 12, 2012 — Distance learning, aka "correspondence courses," have been around for a couple of hundred years. You could learn to garden or sew by taking a course by mail, or study a foreign language. Today, most college educations provide some degree of online study, even when the student attends a brick-and-mortar institution full time. What makes Advanced College in South Gate, CA truly cutting edge is that an Associate's degree is available to you all-online and fully transferable to an accredited University where you can get a Bachelor's. But for this online course you never even have to set foot in the United States to earn your degree from a career college in Los Angeles.

The Associate's programs available at Advanced College are in highly lucrative and life-enriching fields. Take online courses and get a degree in accounting, health management, business administration, or medical assistance. These programs can be taken from out of state, or, indeed, a foreign country. Traveling as a student can be quite costly, and taking these courses online can mean massive savings.

Students of vocational schools in Los Angeles who are in need of financial aid must be located in the U.S., but at Advanced College, the tuition is already quite low. Financial aid, for those who qualify, is often less of a concern for Advanced College students, who have reported saving over $10,000 on tuition alone. Additionally, Kaplan University, an accredited institution offering numerous Bachelor's degree programs, fully accepts credits from students who transfer from Advanced College. What's more, Kaplan offers 10% off your tuition for transferring from Advanced College. This means a choice to study at Advanced College is a choice for a more financially secure future.

If your plans for an education involve immersion in American culture, and you would prefer to travel for your degree, Kaplan's I20 visa assistance means you'll avoid many of the challenges students face when they study abroad. Advanced College is fully certified by the Department of Homeland Security to perform this service, which places them among a select few trade schools in Los Angeles that can offer help with student visas. And if your plans change, and you want to move to the U.S. after you've already started with an online program, Advanced College will still perform this I20 service up till your last semester as a student. This is great news if you decide you want to transfer to Kaplan University.

For information about Advanced College's certificate and Associate's degree programs, go to or call (562)-408-6969.


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