Anthem College Closing in St. Louis

Career College Central Summary:

  • Anthem College has several hundred students split between two area campuses in St. Louis area, one in Maryland Heights another in Fenton. Students say they got word last week after an email was sent out. Some say they worry their credits may be lost, others say they have complete faith in Anthem.
  • "I think they will get it done no matter what, they have our best interests at heart as students so that's their number one goal to make sure that we get our education," said Erica Bush, who's been studying at Anthem since January to become a surgical technologist. She says last week her instructors and the campus president spoke to her class about the closure, but not explaining why.
  • The two St. Louis locations are no longer accepting students according to their websites.
  • An employee for the Missouri Department of Higher Education confirms the school's closing for "financial reasons," saying they've been told Anthem is selling the company and some of the 34 nationwide locations will remain open, just not in St. Louis.
  • Bush says she loves Anthem and has been told there's already an alternative school that's being set up for students like her. "My credits transfer. Everything is still accredited and everything," said Bush. She's been told that her program is being transferred to Midwest Institute at a nearby location in Earth City.
  • A state education official says they still have to approve Anthem's transfer plan. Some students say they are worried that it won't be an easy transfer and their already-paid tuition may be lost.

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