Anthem Institute to Host 4th Annual Tech Showcase

North Brunswick, NJ, March 25, 2010 — Anthem Institute North Brunswick, located at US Route 1 South, will host its fourth annual Tech Showcase on Tuesday, March 30 from 5-8 p.m.

The event will feature work completed by Anthem’s Graphic Design and Computer Networking & Security students. This will include:

  • Team TSE will demonstrate how to capture wireless packets using ARP injection in order to compute the WEP encryption key.  TSE will also implement a Man-in-the-Middle attack using Cain and Abel to capture the Administrator’s password on a server.
  • Team The300 Students will explain the components of their network including a routed network, Intrusion Detection, and a HoneyPot Demonstration. Also, the utilization of Counter Attack measures researched and implemented on their network.
  • Team SecProtect will utilize network tools to capture packets during a secure SSL connection and replace the certificate with one of their own.  SecProtect will also show basic wireless protection such as MAC filtering and disabling SSID broadcast is not enough to protect from war drivers from quickly infiltrating a wireless network.  The team will also demonstrate how to use a Fluke Network Device to identify and troubleshoot a network connection issue.
  • Graphics Design and Animation (GDA) students will present a gallery of student artwork created using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver.

According to North Brunswick campus president Maria T. Veglia, the Tech Showcase is “a wonderful opportunity for our students to not only showcase their graphic design and computer networking skills, but to put them in a compelling and accessible context to share with fellow students, faculty and potential employers.”

Additional details on Anthem Institute’s 4th Annual Tech Showcase can be found at

For more information or directions, contact Anthem Institute at 732.448.2689.

About Anthem Institute
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