APSCU: Private Sector Institutions’ Alumni Communities Above the Rest

Career College Central Summary:

  • In keeping with its commitment to provide a quality educational experience for new traditional students, the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU) has published “Best Practices for Alumni Communities.” The recommendations identify the essentials in building an alumni community for a variety of private sector institutions.
  • “The diversity of our students and institutions gives our sector the opportunity to prioritize services and benefits for graduates at a level different than other sectors of higher education,” said Steve Gunderson, the president and CEO of APSCU. “Our alumni communities reach beyond the usual alma mater comraderies you experience at other colleges and universities and focus on what matters most—career and academic success.”
  • To develop these best practices, APSCU established a task force, which convened postsecondary education leaders from institutions and partners with experience in developing alumni communities.
  • “When an alumni community is established at a private sector institution, everyone wins. Alumni receive recognition and professional support and the institution gains ambassador resources that support current students,” Gunderson added.
  • “A graduate’s career growth and achievements are key demonstrations of an institution’s success,” said June Gudeman, a member of the task force and alumni coordinator at Pima Medical Institute (PMI). “At PMI, we have seen first-hand the benefits of an alumni community and how it cultivates engagement that fosters lifelong relationships with our graduates.”

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