Arne Duncan’s Second Term Could Focus On College Costs

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan recently told the National Journal that if President Barack Obama is elected for a second term, he would stay in his current position. The Journal states that in his second term, Duncan would most likely focus on how to keep the cost of higher education from rising in order to increase the number of American college graduates.

"We need to crack the nut on higher education…Middle-class families think college is not for them," Duncan said, as quoted by the Journal.

Throughout his first term as secretary of education, Duncan displayed his dedication to lowering college costs and making higher education accessible to all Americans. For example, in July, Duncan urged governors to do their part to control the rising cost of college, Politico reports. At the National Governors Association meeting in Virginia, Duncan said the federal government has worked to keep college costs low through initiatives like the Pell Grant program. However, it is time for states to intervene and do their part to make the nation's higher education goals a reality.

Arne Duncan would focus on college costs during his second term. also encouraged college presidents to adopt a Financial Aid Shopping Sheet in the 2012-2013 academic year, which would clearly tell students how much the institution costs as well as what their options are for financial aid.


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