Ashford U. Cuts Recruiting Staff And Focuses More On Student Support

Ashford University, a for-profit college that enrolls about 90,000 students online, with another 1,000 at its Iowa campus, has announced that it is slashing its admissions staff and putting more employees to work in areas meant to ensure students' academic success.

In a news release on Monday, the company that owns Ashford, Bridgepoint Education Inc., said the institution was cutting about 450 admissions staff, out of more than 2,000, and reassigning 400 employees to work in student support and a new "department of student inquiry," which "will work with prospective students to ensure they are sufficiently prepared for the demands of a university education."

The company's statement said the changes were "an effort to address our nation's focus on student outcomes and success," and were "consistent with" the company's culture of continuous improvement.

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