ATI Schools & Colleges’ Commitment to Veteran Benefits

N. Richland Hills, TX, 9/22/2011 — ATI Schools and Colleges have a long-time history of serving students with military backgrounds. In the forty years ATI has been serving students, ATI has strived to be sensitive to the special needs of veterans.

Recently, a former ATI student with veteran status was spotlighted in an attempt to portray ATI as insensitive to veterans and not providing accurate information regarding its approval to disburse veteran benefits. ATI feels strongly about our commitment to students and we feel just as strongly about our commitment to be guided by the best interests of all veterans we serve.

The mentioned ATI campus was eligible for veteran benefits at the time of the student’s enrollment, however the campus was not eligible for the "Post 9/11 GI" benefits. ATI apologizes for this student’s experience and recognizes the situation should have been resolved for the student in a timelier manner. ATI cares deeply about our veterans and their service to the country.

While many of ATI’s campuses are eligible to train veterans and other eligible persons under the provisions of Title 38, United States Code, not all campuses are eligible to offer the particular subset of benefits called “Post 9/11 GI Bill” benefits because some campuses do not offer associate degrees or higher degrees.

Any statements made that a particular ATI campus advertises it is eligible for veteran benefits but “is not approved for VA benefits” reflect a misunderstanding of ATI’s eligibility with the Department of Veterans Affairs, which eligibilities can be confirmed with the Texas Veterans Commission.  ATI strives to be an excellent steward of all federal funds, including veteran benefits. Of ATI’s currently enrolled students, less than 2% receive veteran benefits, validating that ATI is sensitive to the use of these funds and does not inappropriately “target” veterans for enrollment.

All new students applying for admission to any ATI program will find that there are many financial assistance programs available for those who qualify. Financial Aid office personnel determine eligibility for financial assistance. Students are interviewed individually to determine a financing arrangement that suits their needs and personal situation.

The following information regarding Veteran Benefits is provided on the  ATI Career Training web site:

  • ATI Career Training Center accepts applications from Veterans!
  • ATI Career Training Center is proud to support higher education for veterans and their families. We understand transitioning from the military to an academic schedule can be difficult and confusing.
  • Many programs are approved for veterans. The school will be very happy to assist veterans in the application process for those programs and veterans which are eligible. A copy of the DD form 214 will be needed for any veteran to apply for benefits.
  • ATI has many options in regards to financial assistance for veterans and their families. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with an admissions representative.
  • *Schools and programs approved or qualified for veterans training benefits vary. Check with your local campus or the Texas Veterans Commission to verify if a particular campus or program is approved.

For additional information, Contact:
Brandon Dowdy
ATI Schools & Colleges
(817) 591 – 1297
(817) 284 – 0117 fax

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For more than forty years ATI has been a choice for students. With more than 11,000 students and 24 campuses across Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas, students seek ATI’s hands-on training in high-demand fields such as health care, automotive repair, welding, heating and air conditioning repair, and business technology. By maintaining a thorough understanding of the unique hiring needs of the communities in which it serves, ATI creates programs that are necessary to provide local employers with a skilled workforce, in turn, ATI helps sustain and create thriving local economies.

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