Attending school on the Web

Virtual classrooms have pros, cons — and the trend has some harsh critics High school math teacher Dan Tucker no longer has to worry about whether this student’s midriff is showing or that one can have bathroom privileges. And now, with his only commute being the one along the Internet’s information superhighway, he has been known on occasion to work in his pajamas from his rural Catalina home.

Meanwhile, while other students are groggily getting ready for morning classes, high school senior Angie Ronquillo is off to work. Her school day, which largely takes place in the bedroom of her Rio Rico home, won’t start until after most other students already are home.

The two are big boosters of the brave new world of virtual education, touted as a way to fix some long-standing education bugaboos and allow students to design their own educational experiences. Not a morning glory? Log on later. Want to take a class not offered in your district? No problem. Bored with the pace set in a traditional class? Work at your own speed. Don’t like the food processor that can be the high school social scene? OK. Read full story. (Arizona Daily Star)

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