Baby boomer retirements impact higher education

The most successful baseball teams maintain their talented rosters over the long term by anticipating the retirement of their veterans well before it happens.

A good team will utilize the veterans to train young players and ease them into their roles as future stars. This ensures a steady flow of talent throughout the organization.

The baby boomer generation of workers, just like those veteran baseball players, is headed toward a mass retirement from the job market. At 76 million, this biggest of all generations has had a major impact on every aspect of society, the workplace being the most high profile. When these 76 million exit the workplace, there will be only 46 million workers in the generation behind them ("Generation X") to serve as replacements.

And the numbers in successive generations only shrink further.

Higher education in particular will be faced with a significant number of faculty members and administrative staff retiring, and that number is only projected to rise over the years. To gain a firsthand perspective on how the baby boomer retirement phenomenon is projected to affect higher education, we spoke with two key decision makers at prominent Southern California institutions. Read full story. (Pasedena-Star News)

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