Beyond The Skepticism

Career College Central summary:

  • It hasn’t taken long for the excitement about MOOCs to turn to skepticism.
  • The American Council on Education has an ongoing and wide-ranging research and evaluation effort to examine the academic potential of MOOCs and attempt to answer questions about whether they can help support degree completion, deepen college curriculums and increase learning productivity.
  • In the findings of Inside Higher Ed’s new Survey of Faculty Attitudes on Technology, many faculty members expressed reservations about online courses in general and about MOOCs in particular. Several responses highlighted this skepticism, and yet showed where ACE’s work can be of assistance.
  • Just 22 percent of the faculty who responded to the survey agreed that "higher education should award credit for MOOCs." However, 66 percent said that a very important indicator of a quality online course is whether it has been "independently certified for quality."

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