Bill Gates Expands Influence, And Money, Into Higher Education

Career College Central Summary:

  • In a package of stories, the Chronicle of Higher Education is making clear how Bill Gates has used his money to change higher education’s focus to get more students degrees faster through technology and "competency-based learning," which in part rewards students for what they know rather than for how many credits they take in college. Gates’ vision includes ways to measure everything, largely through testing.
  • Critics say Gates’ vision of higher education is aimed at getting students ready for jobs rather than giving them a broad education. They claim that, along with other reform efforts Gates has funded, his vision is not based on research but rather on his corporate-based idea of how schools should run. And, critics say Gates has been so dominant in the reform debate that opponents have had difficulty getting their voices heard.
  • Of course people who agree with Gates’ reforms are delighted with his philanthropy. But plenty of others are very concerned that a private citizen can wield so much influence on public policy.

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