Blog: A Thanksgiving Wish

By Michael Platt

In my opinion, the number one issue before getting to an effective plan for post-secondary education, is to agree that post-secondary education is post-secondary education. Any standards-based regulation should apply across the board. Rules should not be made based on profit-status. It is unconstitutional and NOT in the best interest of the students.

Until this is agreed upon, the war will continue to be waged. And watch out for the Duncan/Eisman/Harkin issue. The Senators demanding an investigation thinking Duncan/DOE intentionally leaked his plans to Eisman, may find out it was Eisman who spearheaded this conspiracy … and don’t doubt for a moment that this is a conspiracy.

My Thanksgiving wish is for Eisman to go to prison for insider trading (or some form thereof), Duncan to be fired or step down, and the negotiated rule-making to start over with all sides being given a fair and equal voice. The fact that Harris Miller, the one man who represents all schools, was not on the committee, was all I needed to know to understand the conspiratorial nature of negotiated rule-making.

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