Blog: Ayn Rand was Actually Nostradamus

By Michael Platt

This week’s news about the University of Phoenix’s decision to let go about 700 employees has created a number of good discussions on the social media site, LinkedIn. An ongoing conversation on the "For-profit Education Industry Group" page compared UOP’s reaction to Laureate Education’s. Laureate recently announced the addition of 250 curriculum developers, quite the opposite approach given the current regulatory environment.

So, was UOP’s response too drastic? I believe it was an appropriate and unfortunate reaction to new regulations. UOP is just the first in what would be a succession of schools forced to abandon those less likely to complete or repay their loans. Get ready folks … the current administration is taking major steps to create a permanent underclass … a group that will become more and more comfortable relying on government entitlement programs. I’m beginning to think Ayn Rand was actually Nostradamus. This is seriously frightening and Zombie-Americans seem to have no clue.

Here’s a link to the full conversation: LINK


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