Blog: Campus Progress Ad Will Fail to Make an Impact

By Jenni Valentino, Associate Editor

Higher education media was abuzz this morning with the news that a left-wing student rights group called Campus Progress created an ad in support of the "gainful employment" initiative. The 30-second spot, running tonight in the Washington D.C. area on MSNBC and Fox News, accuses for-profits of "preventing people from succeeding" through "deceptive recruiting, fraudulent reporting, high prices and dismal job placement."

So, should we be worried about this anti-career college propaganda? To be frank, nope.

The production quality on the video is low, with unprofessional voice-over and graphics available in any high school video lab. Moreover, the claims made by this spot don’t seem to take into account the GAO’s revisions to their August report, making the "facts" outdated and irrelevant. This is fear-mongering at its worst, an ad catering to a public who knows nothing about the facts surrounding the "gainful employment" initiative. It presents old information in a lackluster way, and should have zero effect on any government powers that be.

Oh, and the webpage hosting the full 2-minute, 45-second version of this video? Maturely titled "Screw U: For-profit Colleges Scamming Students and Taxpayers Out of Their Money". No, I don’t think we have anything to fear from Campus Progress.

See the spot here, and the full version of the video here.

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