Blog: Coining a New Term: ‘Academiarrogance’

By Michael Platt

I was thinking about all of the not-for-profit schools that "Just Say NO" to transfer of credits when approached by graduates of for-profit schools. I realized that there is a simple belief that they offer a higher quality education. It doesn’t matter that graduates of for-profit schools are more likely to actually find gainful employment in their field of study … so basically, the FACTS don’t matter. Seriously, why let the facts get in the way of the story you’ve made up in your mind?

So what do you call this mindset? "Academiarrogance"

Do you agree? Disagree? Do you like the new word? What are YOUR thoughts?

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Mike Chase

I have personally now worked for three different not-for-profit instititions and have not yet run into a situation where credits from for-profits were denied transfer based on that criteria. In my experience regional accreditation has been the prevailing factor as to whether credits will transfer.

As for your term, I like it. I think it can be applied broadly in higher education.