Blog: Staying Vigilant in the Gainful Employment Fight

By Michael Platt

In my opinion, the very existence of the for-profit sector is at stake.

In my opinion, the sector has become overconfident since the House approved a bill to de-fund Gainful Employment, a bill almost certain to be killed in the Senate.

In my opinion, military dollars will no longer be considered part of the 10 percent in 90/10 calculations.

Folks…this is just like the movie "Poseidon Adventure."

We are about to get serious upward pressure on tuition in order to meet Title IV requirements on 90/10 (does anyone other than Corinthian get this?). At the same time, Gainful Employment will provide serious downward pressure on tuition, even if the current ceiling leaves you breathing room. And the worst news is that the government power grabbers, men and women who want to eliminate us (I won’t name the party) have the hose needed to drown us.

Increasing Title IV till there is no air left to breathe.

Seriously folks, this has been perpetrated by evil geniuses. They have us battling on one front while their strategy is to squeeze us between two attacks. If you think you’ll be fine with GE, you may be right. If you think you’ll be fine with 90/10, you may be right….but you are wrong if you think the attack is over at that point.

I am imploring all of you to keep up the fight. I also am imploring you to push APSCU to fight harder on 90/10. We were told at Hill Day not to bring it up. Unfortunately if we don’t fight to eliminate it, we may all drown.

Keep up the good fight.

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