Blog: The Loss of Jobs, The Loss of Hope

By Michael Platt

And so it begins. Last week UOP announces the firing of 700 people. Yesterday Kaplan fires 600. This is just the beginning.

Do the math. Yes, it’s two large companies, but this may signal tens, even hundreds of thousands of lost jobs. Good thing the economy is healthy and can withstand this.

Worse, potentially millions of low and middle-income Americans will lose their chance to utilize career training as a way to a better life, or in so many cases, the ability to feed their families without government entitlements.

While it is true that some don’t complete school, some don’t find gainful employment, and some don’t repay their loans in a timely fashion, millions do. Or should I say millions have.

I have been outspoken on this topic, and frankly, quite frustrated. Now I am just plain angry. It is time for the Republicans who claim to believe in a free economy and wealth creation, to step up and stop this madness. Roughly 30 days and counting ’til a new congress. I pray — for the sake of the people at risk, the economy, and the very future of this country — that they put a stop to this.

President Obama (and your friend Arne Duncan) should be ashamed. You have let me down, Mr. President… but more importantly, you have let down those who put you in office. You have bitten the hands that feed you and destroyed countless careers. Next you will destroy countless lives by removing hope. They will be dependent on you and your friends in Washington. That’s the game plan and you are playing that game well.

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