Bridging The Gap

Career College Central summary:

  • Data suggests that an initiative designed to smooth the path from high school to college can succeed in raising college enrollment — especially among African-American and Latino students — largely by reorganizing existing services and coordinating the work of other college access programs.
  • In the three regions that participated in the program — Philadelphia, San Francisco and Miami-Dade County —  education funds invited local stakeholders to answer an overarching question: "What does academic preparation of higher education look like?"
  • Few school districts would turn down a $5.1 million grant to spend on college preparation, but the Citi Foundation-backed funding came with a twist: It did not promise to build the ultimate college readiness program. FHI 360's broad guidelines asked participants to coordinate academic programs, align K-12 curriculums with postsecondary and workforce requirements, and engage community groups, but each region was free to tailor its program based on the needs of local high school students. The project is known as the Postsecondary Success Collaborative.

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