Bryan College Offers Reduced Fees for Retooling Our Workforce

Bryan College in Springfield has announced it has launched a “Retooling Our Workforce” program that offers what it calls drastically cut tuition prices for workers in transition.

Retooling Our Workforce assists individuals out of work with skills relevant to today’s workforce needs. The program is available to U.S. residents who have experienced loss of employment due to company closing within the past 12 months and are eligible for retraining benefits or loss of employment due to company relocating out of the United States due to the North America Free Trade Agreement and are eligible for retraining benefits

Several local colleges have developed special programs to help unemployed workers rework resumes, practice interviewing and find job openings. Administrators at Bryan College decided that the times and the challenges facing Americans today need a solution that provided workers with the additional skills they need to succeed, according to a news release.

Some applicants for the program can qualify for a tuition rate of $75 per credit hour, which is a savings of 60 to 72 percent from standard tuition rates and is the lowest cost per-credit-hour tuition available in southwest Missouri.

A limit of 10 students will be accepted per campus-based start, according to Bryan College. Online enrollment is unlimited.

Applicants can contact the College and complete admissions requirements on a first come, first served basis, complete applications for the program, and start class.

The Retooling Our Workforce program will run through July 31, 2009, and will be reassessed based on current economic conditions, according to the school.

Participants in the program must have a high school diploma or GED and must be certified as a dislocated worker through the local governmental agency. To continue involvement in the program, students must also maintain a cumulative and per quarter GPA of 2.0, as well as achieve minimum attendance requirements. Active, full-time enrollment must be maintained throughout the program for students to remain eligible. They must also apply for the Federal Pell Grant program.

Information is available by contacting Brian Stewart, Bryan College President/CEO, at 417-862-5700.  (

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