BUZZFEED: In Battle Against For-Profit College Sale, Activists Turn To The States

Career College Central Summary:

  • Activists have turned to state governors in a battle over the fate of students at Corinthian Colleges, the massive for-profit college chain that is in the process of being shuttered by the federal government.
  • In letters written to six state governors, released today and provided exclusively to BuzzFeed News, the Center for American Progress’ Higher Ed Not Debt Campaign encouraged states to take matters into their own hands regarding the controversial sale of 56 Corinthian campuses to ECMC Group, a nonprofit student loan guarantor that many say is unfit to handle the struggling schools.
  • The Education Department has endorsed the sale, leading many to criticize the federal government for not doing enough to provide recourse to students. “We haven’t gotten what we needed from the federal government,” said Maggie Thompson, Higher Ed Not Debt’s campaign manager. “So we’re going directly to the states.” 
  • The letters ask the governors to refuse to release buyers of Corinthian campuses from legal liability in lawsuits and investigations against the company, an agreement that many regard as necessary to sell off the schools. The Education Department agreed to release ECMC Group from liability, but Kamala Harris, the California Attorney General, refused, which will likely lead to the closure of Corinthian schools in California next year.
  • Thompson praised Harris’ actions, saying that allowing Corinthian’s schools to close, rather than being bought up by ECMC, will likely leave students better off, because the federal government is obligated to forgive the loans of current students at shuttered schools.

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