Campuses Become Donation Centers for Cell Phones For Soldiers

ST. GEORGE – Memorial Day weekend brings with it a new local effort for U.S. soldiers stationed overseas.

On Tuesday, Utah’s five University of Phoenix campuses, including the one in St. George at 965 E. 700 South, suite 304, will become ongoing drop-off donation centers for the Cell Phones For Soldiers Program where Utahns can drop off old or unused cell phones.

Cell Phones For Soldiers will recycle the phones for cash and the proceeds are used to buy prepaid calling cards for U.S. troops.

"These cards are a lifeline of emotional support to families and their deployed soldiers. They don’t need the added stress of long-distance phone bills," said Darris Howe, vice president and director of the Utah campuses. "This program, started by two teenagers and $21 of their own money, has raised almost $2 million in donations and distributed more than 500,000 prepaid calling cards to soldiers serving overseas."

Cell Phones For Soldiers was created by Brittany and Robbie Bergquist of Norwell, Mass. after reading a story about a soldier who ran up a huge phone bill calling home from Iraq. They decided to help, opened an account with their own money and Cell Phones For Soldiers is now a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Their efforts have motivated people and businesses around the country to donate. (

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