Can President Obama’s Higher Education Fix Work?

Career College Central summary:

  • Gene Marks of Inc. magazine writes that President Obama's higher education plan "may be a little showboat-y, but it's a start to a discussion that needs to happen.
  • Obama released his college scorecard in the spring. Last week, he announced more proposals to hold colleges accountable by linking financial aid for students to those government ratings. The plan would go into effect by 2015 pending congressional approval.
  • The higher ed plan is based on the model of the Race to the Top educational plan for public schools, in which states get federal money based on the quality of test scores. Stakes-driven testing is already controversial, but it's one way to tackle education reform. Will it work for colleges?
  • Marks writes that the plan is "a political minefield" but is still "an entrepreneurial approach to figuring out the disaster of unaffordability when it comes to getting a college education in America today. "
  • Marks notes that not many people are happy with the news. He cites Rep. John Kline (R ) who is the chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee, is not keen on the idea of government rankings: "I remain concerned that imposing an arbitrary college ranking system could curtail the very innovation we hope to encourage–and even lead to federal price controls."

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