CAPITAL PUBLIC RADIO: Lawmakers: For-Profit Colleges Should Reimburse Heald Students

Career College Central Summary:

  • In response to this week's Heald College closing, California lawmakers have introduced a bill that would make Heald and Corinthian online students eligible for the California Student Tuition Recovery Fund. 
  • The California Department of Consumer Affairs says Heald students could be reimbursed for some credits when they enroll at a new school. The department's Russ Heimerich says the payment would be prorated. 
  • "It would depend on if the school accepted all of the credits. Generally, private, post-secondary schools don't accept all the credits from another private, post-secondary school -if they accept them at all," says Heimerich.
  • The bill would require for-profit schools to immediately increase their payments into the recovery fund and would double the fund to $50 million.
  • The state has not accepted any recent payments into the fund because it has reached its statutory maximum of $25 million.

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