CARE2: 4 Reasons Elizabeth Warren is Too Busy to Run for President

Career College Central Summary:

  • Check out the important issues the hardest working person in Congress tackled in the past week alone:
  • 1. Attempting to Extract Wall Street from Pending Legislation

    • Last week, some dubious legislation got tacked onto a trillion dollar spending bill. The legislation, having little to do with the spending bill itself, is designed to weaken the power of the Dodd-Frank reform act and allow banks to regain the ability to gamble with taxpayers’ money without suffering any consequences.
    • After noticing this extra legislation, Warren has headed the charge to eliminate this addition to the spending bill. As she correctly notes, Citigroup, a bank that would benefit directly from this change, wrote the legislation itself. Why are we allowing corporations to write their own laws and not questioning their validity before passing them? At least we have someone keeping a close eye on this nonsense.
  • 2. Controlling Student Loans

    • With graduates’ student loan debts escalating at unfathomable rates, Warren floated a perfectly sensible idea last year: offer students the same interest rate that the government offers to banks. Education should be affordable in America, not something that leaves someone in debt indefinitely.
    • More specifically, this past week, Warren led a group of senators calling on the Department of Education to forgive the loans of students who attended the controversial Corinthian Colleges. The for-profit colleges have been caught engaging in illegal activity and failing to provide an adequate education to their students, yet somehow students are still on the hook for these loans. These unfortunate students shouldn’t have to spend decades of their life paying back money for worthless degrees.

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