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Early Arrival of Membership Renewal Notices Planned
Preparations are being made to mail out renewal notices several weeks early in 2008. To prevent your renewal from being delayed or not reaching your desk, please send any school contact changes (include name, mailing address, and email) to DaKeia Wheeler at
Host an Elected Official
A key component of CCA’s advocacy work is our ongoing congressional visit program, where we schedule visits by Members of Congress to the campuses of our member colleges. Many of our members have hosted their Members of Congress on these visits, which have served as valuable tools in positively showcasing, and in some cases introducing, career colleges to Members. If you are interested in hosting a congressional visit, CCA will work with you from beginning to end to make it a success. Please contact Gregory Rovick at (202) 336-6746 or for more information.
Preview of the Career College Association Convention and Exposition
CCA to Offer Webinar on Proposed Update to FERPA Regulations
The Department of Education has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for the FERPA (Family Educational Right to Privacy Act) regulations. These proposed regulations intend to clarify for institutions, students, and families how information about students’ health and safety can be shared.
The proposed changes include guidance previously issued by the Department of Education, as well as changes in the statute, Supreme Court rulings and technological advances. Read full story.
Tennessee Bill Addresses Transfer of Credit Issue
The Tennessee Senate Education Committee passed a bill this week requiring for-profit schools to disclose the transferability of credits on the students’ contracts with the schools. The transfer of credit provisions, as currently drafted, would apply to all postsecondary institutions in Tennessee.
The Senate bill contains the following language: "In considering the acceptance of credits from postsecondary institutions in Tennessee, accepting institutions shall not discriminate solely based upon accreditation of the transferring institution."
House companion language has not yet been introduced. CCA contact: Brian Newman.
CCA Adds New Membership Services VP
CCA welcomes Lauren Corbin as Vice President of Membership Services. Lauren joins the staff from the National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU), where she served as Director of Membership. Earlier in her career, she served as a marketing manager with the Close-Up Foundation, a not-for-profit civic education organization. Corbin is a graduate of Miami University of Ohio.
Student Lending Woes Grow
CCA released results of a survey this week that shows concern is growing among its member institutions that students will not be able to find the loan funds they need to finance future education.
"The student loan situation is more unsure now than it was just two months ago," said CCA President Harris N. Miller. "While no institution has reported having a student unable to obtain a federal student loan to date, with more lenders leaving the federal loan program on a regular basis, the likelihood of this happening is increasing. And the situation for students requiring private loans continues to deteriorate quickly."
Miller based his remarks on the results of a new CCA member survey finds almost 80 percent of respondents have concerns about student access to Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) program, Direct Loan (DL) program or private loans. Thirteen percent more respondents answered affirmatively this month than when asked the same question in a similar CCA survey conducted in January 2008. Read full story.
Harris Miller Speaking Extensively About Student Loans
CCA President and CEO Harris Miller has been widely quoted on the issue of student lending in recent weeks. In a March 17 story in The Christian Science Monitor, Miller said that federal loan caps haven’t increased at the same pace as college costs, causing more students to rely on private lending.
Congressional Quarterly quoted Miller on the necessity of the Higher Education Act to loosen restrictions to the federal 90-10 rule.
The Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription required) also sought Miller’s opinion on the lending topic in a March 20th article, "Congress Prepares for Student Loan Crisis While Declaring It Unlikely." CCA contact: Bob Cohen.
Department of Ed Guidance Available for CCA Members
The Department of Education has issued several Dear Colleague letters and Electronic Announcements providing guidance on topics such as Federal Work-Study community service requirement waivers for institutions, guidance to guaranty agencies on the lender of last resort requirements, and important deadlines for title IV- participating institutions. All guidance of interest to CCA members is briefed and posted on the News You Can Use section of the Regulatory page of the CCA website. The full DCLs and EAs can be accessed on the Departments IFAP website. CCA contact: Tammy Halligan.

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