Career College Central And ED MAP Present “Save Five Staff FTEs! And Other Benefits Of Managing Your Learning Resources”

Career College Central and ED MAP will present a webinar at 2 p.m. EDT on June 7, entitled “Save Five Staff FTEs! And Other Benefits of Managing Your Learning Resources.” Interested parties can click here to register.

The best practices webinar will feature presenters:

  • Jennifer Vidacak, Corporate Director of Finance, Pinnacle Career Institute
  • Steve Rossiter, Application Support Analyst, Delta Career Education Corporation
  • Kelby Kostival, VP of Technology, ED MAP

For many institutions, a focus on cutting operational costs has sharpened. When considering learning resources through this lens, however, the challenge is achieving cost reductions and maintaining – or improving – student retention rates. Your bookstore services provider should be able to help. Join this webinar to hear panelists discuss methods and tools to leverage your bookstore provider’s services to reduce operational costs and improve the student experience of obtaining course materials.

If your institution provides students with their course materials, you should consider integrating your SIS with your bookstore’s management platform to minimize the range of costs associated with generating, fulfilling and posting ledger costs of ordering course materials. You should also consider controlling costs through applying business rules to those orders – and providing students with choices of formats to support student morale and retention.

Similar considerations are valid when students purchase their course materials – and especially so when they use financial aid to do so.

Your bookstore should be your partner in exploring a range of options and processes to reduce your operational costs without sacrificing student satisfaction with your institution. Join ED MAP on June 7 to learn what you may be missing – but shouldn’t! Click here to register for this timely event.


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