Career College Survey

Career College Central Summary:

  • Career College Central is helping Penn Foster as it conducts a survey of career colleges to create a state of the industry report.
  • The report will help uncover how success is measured, where more resources are needed, and what marketing initiatives are most effective.
  • Career colleges sharing this information with each other can help increase enrollments and drive forward important change in college operations. Individual responses will be kept confidential and anonymous; the report will present aggregated data.
  • About Penn Foster

    • For more than 120 years, Penn Foster has been providing students with affordable, accredited learning.
    • Today, students can choose from over 150 self-paced, career-relevant programs across Penn Foster’s College, Career School and High School, all connected to a supportive 24/7 online Community of students and faculty.
    • Penn Foster’s College Tool Kit offers post-secondary institutions various cost effective solutions to help drive enrollments and increase revenue.
    • These solutions can help you solve a number of challenges, including enrolling students who currently do not have a high school diploma and increasing your course offerings without substantial resource investment.

Please help Career College Central help Penn Foster by taking this short survey:

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