Career Colleges Offer Fast-track Learning Experience

Focused on ensuring students receive a valuable theoretical understanding of their preferred field as well as applicable experience, Canada’s career colleges offer various employment specialization bolstered by insight into to the latest practices within.

Much of this expertise come directly from instructors. Invaluable, they are continually at the forefront of innovation thanks to regular utilization of their skills. One student’s opinion of career college best defines it: "Like taking the express bus straight through without stopping … Teaching can only be done properly if the student has hands-on experience."

Tamara Stock of London’s Medix School is one of those teachers. Delivering acute knowledge via a Masters Of Science in Clinical Anatomy, the massage therapy instructor is too humble to admit her own value.

“I’m not sure that I approach teaching differently from other college teachers but I know that I absolutely love to teach. I measure my success based on my students’ success.”

Given the ceaseless praise in her honour, Stock is quite triumphant. “When it comes to teachers like her — who are high energy and full of great explanations — Tamara is excellent. (She) shines, using everything in her arsenal to make practical connections with abstract physiology,” beams one pupil.

Taking his own means via hands-on dealings with undergrads, Peterborough-born Kalman Szegvary blends business with lifelong pleasure in his role as Head of Film and Television Department at the Toronto campus of media-based education foundation, the Trebas Institute.

A cult filmmaker with interest in branching out to children’s pictures, Szegvary continually pushes for innovation in his classroom, establishing a new

3-D Film and Television aspect that the school is currently implementing into programming.

Hands-on and keen to assist, Szegvary’s educational role regularly extends beyond the typical four walls as he aides disciples on film sets, scouting locations and often using his personal materials to ensure student works are of the highest calibre. His latest endeavour? The creation of a National Student Film Festival in order to showcase up-and-coming talent.

(Metro News)

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