CCA Leader Encourages Career College Students to Sign Petition

In connection with our efforts to have the U.S. Department of Education submit a more acceptable alternative to its recent draft gainful employment regulatory proposal, we would like to ask for your assistance with a critical effort involving students and graduates of career colleges.

No one understands the serious, negative potential repercussions of the draft proposed regulation being considered by the U.S. Department of Education more clearly than career college students and graduates. With that in mind, student leaders who attend career colleges have instituted a coordinated online petition to be signed by students at career colleges and career college alumni to make their objections to the gainful employment proposal clear to Secretary Duncan and the U.S. Department of Education.

This spring in Washington, D.C., the first career college student association began to coalesce. More than 150 students came to Washington in March 2010 to voice their support for career education to federal policymakers. They were excited about their opportunity to have their voices heard by elected officials during their Hill visits, and they want to continue to do so. The leaders of that group have made getting their voices heard on gainful employment a priority of this new association.

The student and graduate petition supports continued program access and choice at career colleges and opposes the Department’s draft gainful employment proposal. Student leaders will deliver this petition with a press release and press conference led by them.

We request that each CCA member school encourage current and former students to take a moment to go to the Students for Academic Choice website – – to add their names and schools to the online petition. If possible, please create a link to the petition on your institution website or on internal student web servers. Active efforts by schools to spread the word about this petition would be greatly appreciated by the student leaders.

Their goal is to secure at least 100,000 signatures on the student petition by Friday May 7th. If you have questions, please contact Bruce Leftwich at

Harris Miller

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