CITY PAPER: Baltimore’s All-State Career School is in federal law-enforcers’ cross-hairs

Career College Central Summary:

  • All-State Career School, a trade school in Baltimore for would-be truckers, healthcare workers, and others seeking a route to gainful employment, is apparently under federal criminal investigation for possible violations of U.S. Department of Education (DOE) regulations meant to ensure the lawful disbursement of federal student aid. The school, which receives city funds to help pay students’ tuition, is also one of 27 schools that, according to DOE data released in October, is not complying with requirements that for-profit schools derive less than 90 percent of their revenue from federal student aid, out of almost 2,000 schools that fall under the regulations. 
  • The All-State probe first became public early this year, when two former All-State admissions representatives and a former testing administrator for the company were sentenced in Maryland federal court for a conspiracy to boost the school’s enrollment by engaging in a test-cheating scheme that enabled ineligible students to access federal student loans and grants. The cheating scandal involved changing the answers on pre-admissions tests taken by approximately 170 prospective All-State students, and about 72 of them ended up improperly receiving almost $575,000 in federal student aid, including Pell grants for non-degreed students in financial need. 
  • At the January sentencing hearing for former All-State admissions representative Jesse Raymond Moore, Sr., Assistant U.S. Attorney Martin Clarke told the judge that “we endeavor to investigate the school that Mr. Moore worked for, investigations continue,” according to a transcript of the hearing. Moore “is not the only one who has assisted the Government” in the All-State investigation, Clarke continued, “but the Government need[s] as many people as possible to get at an inside look on how the school was conducting itself within the Department of Education regs for Federal financial assistance for their students.” 

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