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Recently, U.S. private sector post-secondary education providers have come under intense legislative, regulatory, political, and press scrutiny across a myriad of issues. Likewise, discussions in Washington, D.C. have focused on assuring quality outcomes for students by enhancing existing regulations and proposing new ones. Underlying this scrutiny is an apparent belief that private sector educational providers are likely to suppress investments in educational quality and student outcomes in favor of profits. As a result, there has been much subjective discussion around the private sector’s role in post-secondary education with a limited level of objective facts.

In an effort to shed more objective light on the role of private sector education providers, The Parthenon Group examined the following question: Do private sector post-secondary schools deliver value to students and society? Over the past several months, through an analysis of U.S. Department of Education longitudinal studies, industry data, and primary research, Parthenon conducted a rigorous examination of the private sector’s ability to provide meaningful post-secondary outcomes.


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