Coast Guard Cuts Tuition Assistance

The Coast Guard is the latest service to cut tuition assistance while wrestling with incoming budget cuts.

Lt. Paul Rhynard, a Coast Guard spokesman, confirmed the service’s decision on Tuesday. It affects active duty, reserve and civilian members of the Coast Guard, all of whom were eligible for TA.

The Coast Guard has provided up to $4,500 per fiscal year, per person, for tuition costs for academic courses related to a service member’s degree requirements or for an eligible foreign language course, according to the Coast Guard’s tuition assistance website.

Rhynard said Coast Guardsmen have been informed of the suspension. It was not immediately clear how many Coasties use the program, or how much its suspension will save the service.

The Marine Corps, Army and Air Force have all announced they’ve suspended the program as well. The Navy remains the lone holdout. Navy officials say service leaders are still considering what actions to take.


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