Colleges Accomodate Adult Learners

Recent information from the University of Phoenix Research Institute indicates that many college students no longer fit into traditional stereotypes. Today, degree seekers are not only teens and young adults who spend time in their dorm rooms and pay for their education with their parents’ money. Modern college students are considerably more diverse.

The survey found that about 27% pay for their education themselves. Additionally, there are more adult learners, as approximately 52% of students are over the age of 22.

Many schools are recognizing this trend and are striving to accommodate adult and non-traditional learners. Northeastern State University in Oklahoma recently announced that it will open a new college in the fall that specifically accomodates these individuals, the Broken Arrow Ledger reports.

Research shows that many college students are adult learners. College of Extended Learning will offer programs designed for working adults, such as accelerated, blended, online education and weekend classes. Additionally, students will be able to take degree completion programs, which allows individuals to put previously-earned associate’s degree credits towards a bachelor’s degree.


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