COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Many find career colleges more affordable

Career College Central Summary:

  • The Dispatch urged state-supported colleges and universities to tighten their focus on producing employable students (“Curb the cost of college,” editorial, Jan. 7). Ohio’s private-sector colleges and universities can serve as their models for ensuring that students graduate with skills that make them immediately employable.
  • Close to 80 percent of our graduates report to jobs within 90 days of earning a degree, diploma or certificate. Nearly half of the students at career colleges and schools graduate in the normal time to complete the programs, eclipsed only by independent, not-for-profit universities at 57 percent.
  • Working Ohioans enroll in student-centered career colleges and schools because we offer flexible schedules, personalized career guidance, skill-focused curriculum and internships that align classroom learning with workplace experience. This is a model that has made our students successful, which we encourage the tax-supported colleges and universities to adopt.

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