Competency Gains More Traction

Career College Central summary:

  • Two Democratic U.S. senators are giving a boost to the growing interest from members of both parties in Congress to make it easier for alternative models of higher education — such as competency-based education — to gain access to federal funding.
  • Sens. Christopher Murphy of Connecticut and Brian Schatz of Hawaii said last week that they planned to introduce legislation in December that would create a competitive pilot program to fund innovations in higher education that would bring down costs and reduce the time needed to complete a degree.  Murphy said a fund would be aimed at innovations in online courses, competency-based degrees, dual-enrollment programs and accelerated degrees.
  • Currently, institutions that want to experiment with many of those nontraditional programs have to ask the Education Department on an individual basis for a waiver from federal standards.  The program in this proposal would provide a blanket authorization to the programs.  

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