Corinthian Colleges Moves Procurement to the Cloud

Corinthian Colleges, Inc. (NASDAQ: COCO), one of the largest post-secondary education companies in North America, is transitioning its procurement operations to cloud computing, using technology from Ariba, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARBA), the world’s business commerce network. Once implemented, the new system will allow Corinthian to more efficiently manage the entire spectrum of procurement activities, from sourcing and orders to invoice and payment.

“Corinthian has consistently invested in technology to enrich and expand its course offerings,” said David Beaver, Vice President of Procurement and Supply Chain, Corinthian. “By applying the same principles to our procurement operations, we can improve our overall operational performance.”

To achieve its goals, Corinthian will use Ariba® Procure-to-Pay™. Delivered on-demand, Ariba Procure-To-Pay combines the functionality of Ariba Buyer™, Ariba Invoice™, and Ariba Settlement™ in a single, integrated solution to help companies automate, improve, control and monitor procurement to realize immediate process efficiencies and cost savings.

“Last year, our Procurement and Sourcing team delivered significant savings using a disciplined strategic sourcing process,” said Ken Ord, Chief Administrative Officer, Corinthian. “With Ariba’s solutions in place, we can increase these savings over time.”

Corinthian will use Ariba Procure-to-Pay to create catalogs through which goods and services can quickly and easily be purchased from preferred vendors at contract prices by employees at any of its 120 locations. And it will use the Ariba® Network to more efficiently connect and collaborate with key trading partners around key processes such as invoicing and payment.

“Collaboration is key to successful sourcing,” Beaver added. “Through Ariba, we can quickly and easily enable our suppliers to do business with us electronically regardless of the platform they may be using. And this will ultimately enhance our efficiencies and the results we can deliver.”

The Ariba Network is the most-efficient, effective, and universally adopted platform for global commerce between businesses and contains everything that’s needed to drive it, including:

Market-leading applications for Spend Management, Collaborative Finance Management, and Sales Acceleration Management – all delivered as scalable, cost-effective and burden-free cloud-based services

The world’s largest Web-based trading community, empowering global businesses to discover, connect, and collaborate for better commerce
Ariba Exchange, the industry-leading customer community where companies can network, share best practices, and collaborate with partners and peers

Market, technical, strategic and other expert capabilities that can be accessed on-site or remotely via the Web as needed to support ever-changing business needs and objectives

“Corinthian has strengthened its educational offerings through the use of technology,” said Tim Minahan, Chief Marketing Officer, Ariba. “In embracing Ariba as its platform for procurement, the company can optimize its cost structure while continuing to deliver the quality programs that its students have come to expect.”

About Corinthian
Corinthian is one of the largest post-secondary education companies in North America. Our mission is to change students' lives. We offer diploma and degree programs that prepare students for careers in demand or for advancement in their chosen fields. Our program areas include health care, business, criminal justice, transportation technology and maintenance, construction trades and information technology. We have 122 Everest, Heald and WyoTech campuses, and also offer degrees exclusively online. For more information, go to

About Ariba, Inc.
Ariba, Inc. is the world’s business commerce network. Ariba combines industry-leading cloud-based applications with the world's largest web-based trading community to help companies discover and collaborate with a global network of partners. Using the Ariba® Network, businesses of all sizes can connect to their trading partners anywhere, at any time from any application or device to buy, sell and manage their cash more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Companies around the world use the Ariba Network to simplify inter-enterprise commerce and enhance the results that they deliver. Join them at:


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