Coursera’s $1 Million Milestone

Career College Central summary:

  • Coursera has been instrumental in providing for massive online education in the past couple of years. The online course provider has hit a milestone that could well go on to shape how the Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) field works in the future. Coursera has managed to earn $1 million in revenue through its verified certificate program.
  • The service kicked off the verified certificate program called Signature Track only in January this year and it has already turned into one of its biggest source of revenue. The program has already seen more than 25,000 sign ups from students around the world.
  • Coursera provides online courses from universities around the world for free. After you’ve completed the course satisfactorily, you are furnished with a certificate for the same. The Signature Track program provides students the opportunity to authenticate their credentials to gain certificates that are more valuable.
  • When students sign on to a course offering a Signature Track program, they’re made to validate their identity via webcam as well as are subjected to keystroke monitoring throughout the course. Once they’re done with the course, Signature Track students are offered electronic certification from the University offering the course. They can also share their performance online.

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