CTU Students Create Online Murder Mystery

Becoming a crime scene investigator involves a lot of tedious, detailed work.

Sometimes criminals do not leave an obvious trail or calling card.

Commonly, criminology students study a simulated crime scene that has been set up for them.

But students at Sioux Falls' Colorado Technical University decided they wanted to try something a little different.

It's tough to be bored if your homework is working to solve a murder.

But learning how to solve that murder is a delicate process and for students in CTU's criminal justice program….they wanted to turn that process on it's ear.

"We decided that instead of taking a final we decided we wanted to work on a project." Mary Claussen is one of those students who lead the charge that instead of solving a simulated murder that would be set up for them….they wanted to set up the simulation. "We created our own scripts, our own crime scene videos, transcripts, 911 calls."

Their professor William Huet didn't say no in fact he was a fan from the start. "As a philosophy, I believe that there are many different ways to learn."

So with Huet's help, his students set up a crime scene, took crime scene pictures and videos, conducted interviews with suspects…played by the students….and they not only did this for themselves but they placed all of this on CTU's Facebook page….so other students and the general public could play along and see if they can solve this murder themselves. "Role playing is as close to simulating real life as we can often get in the classroom."

And the mystery is still unfolding. The big reveal on who committed this murder still has not been revealed….and student Mary Claussen says…when it comes to homework….this was pretty good. "It was just a great project and every student that I know that worked on it enjoyed it. We got a lot out of it."

And if you want to take a look and take a crack at solving this crime for yourself, you can follow this link to CTU's Facebook page.


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