Cutting-Edge Education Conference Brings Students, Schools and Businesses Together Under One Roof

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. –Aug. 24, 2009 –The 2010 Education Research Group Conference ( will bring together education leaders, higher education institutions and education technology companies from around the globe to discuss trends, business models and industry innovations, and market themselves to prospective students.

At the same time, prospective students, continuing learners and parents will enjoy a one-stop opportunity to meet and examine hundreds of colleges, universities and other education options – for FREE – on February 27 and 28 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Titled Innovation in Education, the conference will highlight the recent evolution in the way students learn and utilize technology to improve their education experience. From online collaboration tools to social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, educational institutions and businesses will learn how to connect with the Millennial demographic in their environment.

Businesses that provide products and services to the education space, along with school administrators, will gain valuable information regarding education research aggregation, high-powered mobile and personal computing devices, and latest trends in distance or ‘on-demand’ learning for more efficient classrooms, labs, and facilities.

Institutions and businesses interested in becoming a sponsor, exhibitor or to attend the event should contact Justin Mohrig at 623-628-3969 or visit the EduRG website at

For higher learning institutions, education focused businesses and technology companies, the conference will offer:

  • Open forums for businesses to share their knowledge, expertise and core competencies with their target audiences.
  • A wide variety of workshops that will highlight the latest trends, innovations and products in education. The workshops are intended for institution decision makers to gain leading insights on finance, marketing, recruiting and facilities management.
  • The opportunity for businesses to tap further into a growing multi-billion dollar industry, while gaining new insights into the needs and views of leaders in the educational field.

“Today’s students approach learning and education from a different point of view. Traditional post-secondary programs now compete with online learning, international programs and so much more,” says Kyle Gale from the EDU Research Group. “Students need to be exposed to all of their options so they can choose the educational path that will offer them the most successful and satisfying experience. This conference brings these schools to them so they can make informed choices for their futures.”

“If you are a continuing student who is looking for that competitive edge…[this] is a must-attend event,” said Jason Lokkesmoe, Director of International Online Media, Apollo Group.

About The 2010 Education Research Group Conference
Hosted by the Educational Research Group, the Expo will give students and parents the opportunity to visit with a wide variety of colleges and post-secondary educational programs. Technology companies and a host of educational support programs will showcase their tools for students’ success at this one-stop-shop event. The Educational Conference will feature a multitude of workshops on a variety of education topics, as well as a distinguished list of panelists and speakers. This event will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center in downtown Phoenix from February 27-28, 2010. For more information, visit (

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