Datamark Helps Education Marketers Navigate Risks and Strategies Associated with the Misrepresentation Regulations

Datamark, the leader in data-driven enrollment marketing, is helping college and university marketers prepare for the implications of the Department of Education’s misrepresentation regulations, which are scheduled to go into effect on July 1, 2011. Among the company’s research findings in its new white paper, the pending regulations will lead to the following:

Education marketing budgets will shift to "safer" channels

The Obama administration regulations will trigger a significant restructuring of the billion-dollar education marketing sector

The industry will see a strong reduction in affiliate-driven lead generation

"The misrepresentation regulations will put a tremendous amount of liability on both education marketers and lead generators with regards to performance-based (CPL) Internet marketing," said Paul Reddy, author of the white paper and President of Datamark. “Schools need to minimize their legal and financial risk, while maximizing the return on their marketing investment. We believe the regulations will create increased demand for audit-level visibility into the channel where each lead originated, as well as prompt a shift to lower risk, but higher cost lead sources.”

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