Dept. of Ed. Regulations on For-Profit Education Shrouded in Shadiness

U.S. Education Department’s new regulations on for profit schools has become enshrined in what could very well be a huge pay-off for hedge fund short sellers and publicly funded universities like Iowa State, a school that recently named a new public policy institute after Senator Tom Harkin, Iowa Democrat.

Despite being probed by it’s own Office of the Inspector General, the Department of Education sent it’s new "gainful employment" rules imposed on for-profit schools to the Office of Management and Budget. The IG is currently examining if short-sellers, who make financial gains as a result of stock prices dropping, were made aware of the department’s rules before the regulation went public.

The proposed rules by DOE would require these educational institutions to "prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation," or risk losing federal funding for student aid.


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