DeVry Scholarship Makes Career-Oriented Higher Ed More Affordable

Career College Central Summary:

  • DeVry University is offering a new scholarship, the Career Catalyst Scholarship, designed to support students along their educational journey toward graduation.
  • The university has set aside more than $15 million to fund the scholarship over the next three years, which will be awarded to qualifying students who enroll in the September session by Aug. 29.
  • The scholarship value is up to a total of $20,000 per student, depending on the degree.
  • Students qualifying for DeVry University's Career Catalyst Scholarship are eligible to receive scholarship awards of progressive amounts over a period of three years. For example, students in their first year of a bachelor's degree program can be awarded up to $5,000. During the second year, the available award may increase up to $7,000. For the third year, the award can increase up to $8,000.
  • In May, the PayScale, Inc. annual College Return on Investment (ROI) Report underscored the value of a DeVry University degree; three campuses were included among the top 100 out of 1,060 schools evaluated in the report.

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