Duncan Says Education Law Reform Will Struggle to Pass Congress

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said getting a renewed version of the No Child Left Behind education law passed by Congress will be an "uphill" struggle, and defended his proposal to give states waivers to adopt school reforms.

"We continue to hope if Congress can come together in a bipartisan way behind anything, it has to be around education," Duncan said on Bloomberg Television’s "Political Capital With Al Hunt" airing this weekend.

Schools across the country have said that they’ll be unable to reach the requirements in the almost 10-year-old No Child Left Behind law for students to meet proficiency levels in math, reading and writing by 2014. Duncan has announced plans to offer waivers that would allow states to ignore the deadline if they agree to raise academic standards and improve teacher performance.

“Everything we’ve done has been at a very high bar,” Duncan said. “And as we go out with this waiver package, we will only give waivers to states that maintain that high bar.”

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