Dunn Data Company Announces: 1, 2, 3…Winks!

How does an advertiser go about creating and executing a mobile banner marketing campaign?  It’s simple. Suppose Company A has a budget of $7,500 to spend on advertising.  They want to promote brand awareness for their new eco-friendly line of products.  Their goal is to reach as many people as they can in the shortest amount of time.  By using mobile marketing strategies, Company A is able to quickly send out a message regarding the eco-products and directly address people who are interested in preserving the environment.

When a prospect clicks a Wink, three options are presented: press to place a call to the advertiser’s call center, fill out a short form to send contact information via email, or click to visit the mobile advertisers’ website.  One of the amazing things about Winks is the ability to instantaneously read, react to and optimize results in real time.

The Internet has the ability to reach a consumer through virtually any technological device.  Whether you are on your desktop, laptop, iPod Touch, or smartphone, there is a means to access the Internet.  Mobile marketing is the most current and cost effective way of reaching these consumers.  Over the past two years use of handheld mobile devices has grown exponentially allowing marketers to reach a vast audience.  With mobile user rates reaching over 200 million in the United States alone and climbing, the best way to attain consumers is to keep them informed through mobile marketing.  Mobile ad spend will grow to $5.7 billion by the year 2014, according to a June 2009 study published by Juniper Research. According to a press release, the firm surmises that according to its research, "The need for engagement with the consumer, and a quantifiable ROI, meant that mobile was increasingly being perceived as a key medium through which to pursue this strategy."

Other findings from Juniper’s new report:

  • Mobile Internet will become the most popular mobile delivery channel for advertisers in 2009, and will attract the largest proportion of mobile adspend throughout the forecast period.
  • Mobile Cost Per Clickthrough (CPC) and Cost Per Mille (CPM) rates have fallen sharply over the past year in large part due the negative impact of the economic downturn. 
  • Mobile advertising response rates remain substantially higher than those in other media.

Many advertisers wish they had jumped on web site banner advertising bandwagon earlier and came to regret their decision to "watch how this new media would progress."  Mobile banner advertising is the newest way to reach consumers wherever they are.  Advertisers should not wait around to see how this opportunity shakes out, but rather should get started testing now.

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