E-Transcript Support Reaches Tipping Point; Docufide Now Servicing over 4,000 Schools Nationwide

Los Angeles, Nov. 19 2009 — What started with only a handful of high schools and colleges exchanging electronic transcripts in early 2003 has now evolved into the nation’s largest e-transcript exchange network, servicing ten statewide contracts and thousands of high schools and colleges in every state and over fifty countries, with over one thousand of those colleges electronically receiving Docufide’s Secure Transcripts(TM).

2009 brought with it unprecedented acceptance and growth in the adoption of electronic transcripts. Docufide doubled the number of sending schools while expanding its receiver services to include electronic delivery to all Common Application Organization’s 391 member institutions.

Docufide’s tenth statewide project launched in October with the Kansas Department of Education joining Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Indiana, South Carolina, Utah, Alaska, and Arizona. Five of these states are utilizing prior State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) grants to fund three year initiatives for their public and private schools. With $245 million in SLDS funds due to be available in May 2010, and Race to the Top funding close behind, Docufide anticipates several more states will pursue e-transcript related services in the coming months.

John Reese, Docufide’s CEO, added that, "the benefits seen by our current statewide partners appear to serve as a catalyst for the larger than ever number of additional states and higher education institutions embracing the electronic transcript process. We’ve had a number of our current states also include additional services, such as K-12 record exchange, course standards mapping, and statewide transcript repositories into their grant applications for 2010."

Docufide’s services allow any college or university to register and receive transcripts for free. Being a full service provider, Docufide delivers documents to any destination worldwide electronically or by mail. Initially nearly 100% of the transcripts went through the mail. Now, six years later, Docufide has witnessed the tipping point of acceptance and adoption of electronic transcripts through their direct and statewide activities. The company now delivers over 70% of all college admissions transcripts electronically, with an increasing number now receiving them in the Post Secondary Electronic Council’s (PESC) XML standard, furthering the ease of enrollment eligibility processing.

"We love Docufide–it is such a great service for the students and it allows us an opportunity to process their applications much faster. I hope more schools will get on board," stated Linda Templeton, Director of Admissions, Indiana University Northwest.

Docufide’s network now spans thousands of high school and college clients in 35 states, in addition to 10 statewide initiatives, a region-wide exchange initiative in the Midwest (through the Midwestern Higher Education Compact – MHEC), and an e-transcript initiative recently launched with the Career College Association consisting of 1,400 member colleges.

About Docufide
Docufide is the leading provider of Educational Records Management services. Its flagship service, Secure Transcript, manages the ordering, processing, and secure delivery of student transcripts for secondary and postsecondary institutions nationwide. Secure Transcript saves schools money, frees up staff time, and improves student satisfaction. Docufide, Inc. is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with representatives throughout the United States. For more information please visit http://www.docufide.com/ or call 310.309.3722.

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