EDSURGE: 5 Questions With Mark Cuban on Higher Education and His Newest Edtech Investment

Career College Central Summary:

  • We reached out to Mark Cuban to ask about his latest investment in educational technology startup, Copley Retention Systems. He was understandably preoccupied at the time, but followed up with some words of praise for Copley, along with his outlooks on the future of higher education.
  • EdSurge: How would you describe your investment thesis/approach when you evaluate education technology startups? Is there a common theme?
  • Cuban: I like to find companies that are the first to take on and solve problems. Ranku, Copley, Degreed, Upstart, Packback. They were all investments I made years ago. I dont like "me-too" investments
  • You've been quoted as saying that higher education is heading towards an "implosion." Given this assessment, what were 2-3 key factors behind your decision to invest in Copley, which serves the higher-ed industry?
  • Copley makes higher education more efficient. It is expensive to lose students or have them drag on their education over an extended period. Copley is the leader in helping schools address the needs of at-risk students. That is money in the bank for the school.

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