Education Affiliates Announces Robert L. Anders as Vice President for Nursing

Baltimore, Md. (Aug. 25, 2009) — Education Affiliates is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert L. Anders, Dr PH, APRN, CS, CNAA, FAAN as the Vice President for Nursing. Dr. Anders is a national and international expert in nursing administration and minority health disparities. For the last three years he was the dean of the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) School of Nursing. Prior to that, for three years he was the director of the school of nursing at UTEP until it became its own autonomous unit in September of 2006. Dr. Anders and his team are responsible for generating nearly $20 million dollars in external funding since 2003.

He has also been a professor and Director for International Affairs for the School of Nursing at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. He is also the recipient of multiple awards and a member of different organizations to include the American Nurses Association, American Association of Colleges and Universities, a fellow of the American Academy of Nursing, Peter de Wetter Distinguished Professorship in Health Sciences, Excellence in Education by the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, and most recently appointed by Secretary Gates to the Department of Defense Health Affairs subcommittee on psychological health.

Dr. Anders’ doctorate of public health is in health planning and administration and his master’s degree in nursing focused on psychiatric mental health nursing. Both degrees are from the University of Hawaii. Dr. Anders will be responsible for providing leadership to the rapidly growing nursing division within Education Affiliates.

Education Affiliates currently offers nursing programs (PN, ADN and BSN) in the following 9 states: AL, CO, FL, NY, OH, PA and VA with over 2350 students and 360 nursing faculty nationwide.

About Education Affiliates
Education Affiliates is a leading education and career services company providing diversified career-oriented post-secondary education with 40 campuses nationwide, offering a variety of program offerings in Allied Health, Industrial Trades, Technology and more. Education Affiliates was founded on a simple premise — to create an opportunity for organizations to hire graduates of our schools who have completed quality, people oriented, post-secondary career training.

For more information please contact Lindsay Ibrahim, Marketing Coordinator, Education Affiliates at (410) 633.2929, Ext. 3239 .

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