Education Technology: Could it Be Different This Time?

Career College Central Summary:

  • Umang Gupta:During my thirty-five years as a Silicon Valley software entrepreneur, I’ve seen multiple technology revolutions occur, many of which have given rise to dozens of mega companies from Microsoft and Oracle to Google and Facebook.
  • Education, however, has been a puzzle.
  • There has been no mega-breakout companies in the education technology space.
  • Neither has there been a transformation of education itself that has been as extensive and as far reaching as we have seen in the rest of our economy.
  • I’ve devoted the past year to investing in, and participating as an advisor to, young startups in this space.
  • And most recently, I've asked myself two fundamental questions: What is unique about the education industry that has in the past made it so resistant to the impact of technology?
  • And is this state of affairs likely to persist–or is it going to be different this time?
  • I believe the answer will be different this time– but it involves changes from three parties: from the entrepreneurs selling products, the schools that buy them, and the investors who support the startups in this space.

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