Education Tops List of Barriers to Career Satisfaction, According to an Survey

A recent survey conducted by (, a web resource of EducationDynamics, which connects prospective students with online colleges found that the main barriers to job success are education, time, money and the lack of job opportunities. The recent survey polled people who took part in the Empowerment Tour, an RV tour which traveled the U.S. from June to September 2009 offering free career coaching and opportunities to apply for full-tuition scholarships and internships.

Sixty-one percent of people who participated in the survey said education is very important to them in changing their present job situation. Of the respondents, 32 percent only have a high school diploma or GED, 22 percent have an associate’s degree and 28 percent have a bachelor’s degree.

"What we heard during the Empowerment Tour and are seeing through these results is that people want to go back to school, but enrolling is a giant leap that many people are reticent to take," said Terrence Thomas, Executive Vice President of Marketing for

"However, statistics prove that if you have a college education you are less likely to be unemployed and more likely to have a higher salary. And what makes it even more of an imperative is that 76 percent of the fastest growing jobs in the U.S. today require a college degree making a degree a necessity, not a luxury."

In addition to citing education as a roadblock to getting the job they want, survey respondents also noted experience and age as prohibiting factors. About one third said their age is keeping them from landing the job they want, while about 35 percent said their lack of experience is holding them back. Beyond age and experience, respondents cited money, time and the lack of available jobs as reasons for their current job situation.

Of those who responded to the survey, 36 percent are currently employed but searching for new opportunities and 31 percent have been unemployed for more than a year.

To make inroads into this dilemma, created the nationwide Empowerment Tour, which featured free career coaching. Nearly half of those who participated in the career coaching said they now feel optimistic about their career path and are motivated to start the process of improving their careers.

To enable more people to benefit from the career coaches experiences from the Empowerment Tour, the three career coaches put together a free "Book of Wisdom." The book is a compilation of advice based on common questions the career coaches received during the tour when they met with nearly 1,000 Americans who are struggling with their careers. From the sessions, the career coaches have extracted the most relevant and practical advice for a career hunt or transition in today’s economic environment. The book can be found at


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