FBI Probe Possibly Looks At Fraud Allegations At Anamarc College

Career College Central Summary:

  • FBI agents possibly looking at fraud allegations Wednesday morning raided two campuses of Anamarc College, which closed abruptly this summer, and the home of the owners of the college.
  • Anamarc College closed in June before the end of its spring semester, leaving students in limbo without diplomas or transcripts after paying thousands of dollars.At about 6 a.m., more than 50 FBI agents and evidence collection specialists began serving search warrants at the Anamarc campuses in Santa Teresa and 3210 Dyer in Central El Paso, and the owners' home in the 4000 block of Little Lane in the Upper Valley.
  • The school is co-owned by CEO Ana Maria Piña Houde and her husband, Marc Houde, the chief financial officer. A call to the Houde home went unanswered Wednesday afternoon.
  • Robert Feuille, a lawyer who has represented the Houdes, said that he had no comment and that he didn't think the couple had done anything wrong.
  • FBI agents in bulletproof vests went into the Houde home and led a woman away in a car.
  • The woman was taken by the FBI to the Anamarc campus on Dyer Street. Agents could be seen loading boxes into U-Haul trucks at the three locations.
  • "Numerous boxes of evidence were recovered," FBI spokesman Special Agent Michael Martinez said.
  • "No arrests. It's an ongoing investigation."

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Photo Credit: Anthony Correia / Shutterstock.com

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